What to Bring For A Road Trip With A Baby: Reusable Pouches and More

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With the holidays coming up, and travel plans starting to take place, you may be gearing up for a road trip with your new little one! First things first, don't let the phrase "Baby's First Road Trip" bring up feelings of fear, anxiety, and sheer panic.  If you prepare thoughtfully and intentionally, road trips with little ones can actually be fun!  Buckle up, and read on for a few tips and tricks to make the car ride more manageable, and maybe even enjoyable :)
Car with a beach equipment tied to the tp of it
1. The Essentials
Make sure you have diapers (it's a good idea to pack more than you think you'll need!), baby wipes, bibs, a first aid kit, paper towels for messes and spills, and resealable plastic bags (for motion sickness or diaper blow outs).  Triple check your car seat installation, and make sure the straps are secure and even.  Three out of four car seats are not properly installed. 
2. Snack/Meal Time
Plan out your snacks and meals while your baby is alert and awake, and keep the same schedule you have at home/day care.  Offering spill-proof sippy cups and snacks before the baby is overly hungry or cranky, can prevent meltdowns.  Don't forget the snacks/drinks for the adults, strategically placed in an easy-to-reach area.  There's nothing worse than realizing, just as the baby nods off to sleep, that your white cheddar popcorn and apple slices are in the trunk of the car! 
 If you plan to stop somewhere for lunch, search ahead for baby-friendly restaurants, or even better, if weather permits, pack a picnic lunch in a cooler and bring a blanket for baby to move, stretch, and roll around for some exercise. Wherever you stop make sure you use a waterproof silicone baby bib for easy cleaning so you can get back on the road quickly. 


Great road trip snacks:
Dried fruit, puffs, Mum Mumspouches filled with applesauce or yogurt, and dry cereal.  
3. Entertainment
Be sure to pack a few of baby's favorite toys for familiarity, but also throw in a few new items for novelty and excitement!  Keep these in a small basket that you can reach easily.  Baby will more than likely be tossing these toys into deep, unreachable crevices, so you'll want to have multiple options to distract them when this happens. 
A few of our favorite sources of entertainment:
For toddlers, pack some activity books, crayons/notepad, a mini Magnadoodle, or a favorite of my kids, the mess-free Water Wow book
4. Time to Sleep 
If your baby loves lullabies, invest in a soothing soundtrack to play while baby starts to drift off to sleep.  (We love this one and this one).  A portable sound machine might be something you'd like to bring along as well, to cancel out traffic noise or a podcast that Mommy and Daddy want to hear. 
Bring a favorite lovey, paci, or blanket that will comfort your little one, and make sure to have an extra if possible (just in case!).  If baby gets hot while sleeping in the car seat, a travel, clip-on fan could help him/her stay comfortable and content.  
5. Mind over Matter
You CAN do this!  You WILL get through this!  Start with a positive attitude and low expectations, and you'll start the trip off on the right foot, er, tire.  Pack the car the night before, when baby goes down, and get plenty of sleep for yourself.  A well-rested Mommy (and Daddy) functions a whole lot better than the alternative.  
Good luck, and embrace this new experience!  Take a picture of the gang in the car - it will hopefully be a wonderful memory down the road.   

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