Best Gifts for a New Dad

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To celebrate the new dad in your life, here's a list of 10 great gift ideas that would be sure to bring a smile to his face. Although the number one gift he would probably ask for (sleep), isn't quite as easy to wrap up and top with a bow, these presents are sure to serve him well as he enters fatherhood. Whether he's a music-lover, sports fan, outdoorsy dad, or board game enthusiast, you're bound to find something to celebrate his newfound dad life.

1- Hulu Plus Subscription 

Let's face it, between the late night feedings, bottle-preparation, and just plain exhaustion, dad is probably going to be missing most of his favorite shows. For just $7.99 a month, a Hulu plus subscription can guarantee he can catch up on his missed episodes whenever it's convenient (ahem, nap-time) for him.

2- Boardgames  

My husband and I love playing silly, mostly mindless, board games after we put the baby to bed, or between feedings. Bananagrams was always a favorite, as we were able to giggle and laugh at each other, and always bond in a fun way. Especially when we were coming up with words that actually did not exist in the English language. A little sleep deprivation can do crazy things to your vocabulary!

3- Wireless Headphones

When he wants to jam out, but has a sleeping baby on his chest. Or when he longs to listen to a favorite podcast that would bore everyone else to misery. Or when he really just needs a moment to himself –fthese headphones will do the trick.

4- Messenger Bag

There are so many "manly" bags on the market right now to choose from! I love this brand for the price point, gender neutral choices, and great compartments and options to organize. Your man will be much more likely to carry the load in one of these bags, rather than one of your "adorable" pink paisley Vera Bradley totes.

5- Watch

So much about new parenting is about time! When to feed the next bottle. When to change the next diaper. When to wake up, when to put down. When to rock, and when to swaddle. An accurate and classic watch would be a wonderful gift for a new dad who is hands-on, and willing to follow your schedule.

6- Framed Photo

A classic frame filled with pictures of the new baby would be a great addition to his office decor. You can change out the pictures with each season and new milestone.

7- Jersey Onesie

How cute is this gift? For the sports-loving father, find a miniature jersey of his favorite sports team for the new little guy or girl. A matching set for baby and dad would be adorable as well!

8- Bicycle Seat Carrier

A great gift for the outdoorsy and active dad, and a great way to include your new baby into his lifestyle and literally "bring him along for the ride"! A bicycle seat carrier, or one of the trailers that goes behind the bike, are both great ideas.

9- Dad Mug

He has officially entered the stage of "dad mugs". Whether he likes it or not, he will, from this day on, drink his juice, coffee, or favorite beverage from a mug covered in artwork, photos, and cute quotes from little junior. For a Star Wars fan, I love this mug, which you can find (along with so many other witty and unique ones) on Etsy. For an added bonus, include a bag of this Bourbon Infused Coffee. It's perfect for those days when he would like a little bourbon, but he's running on four hours of sleep.

10- Electric Razor

He probably won't have the time or energy to be neatly and precisely shaving his face with an old-fashioned razor anymore. Bring in the electric razor. It's easy and convenient, while still giving that perfect shave.

What gifts would you add to this list?

We'd love to hear about a great present you've got your eye on for the new dad in your life!

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