Natural Remedies for Your Little One (Pt. 1)

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It is unfortunately a part of life that your little one is more than likely going to get sick, not feel well, or need something to help them get back to one-hundred percent. Facing the inevitable doesn’t have to mean you are helpless. Medical help is available if needed but it can be a good idea to try some natural remedies first. Here is a list to to help guide you while treating your precious little baby’s symptoms and colds.  

Before trying any of these home remedies you should talk to a health care provider, preferably your child’s doctor, to make sure that your child will not have any adverse reactions or suffer from any of the ingredients whether that is because of age or a particular allergy your child may have.


When your baby has a cold or a stuffy nose it can be helpful to them to have some extra humidity to breathe to help relieve the symptoms. Humidifiers are one option to use. If you don’t want to expose your room and other areas of the house to increased humidity, run a hot shower for a while and then just hold your baby in the bathroom. If they are big enough to play, bring a few toys and just play in the bathroom for a bit.

Treating Cradle Cap

As a first time parent it can be concerning if your baby develops a case of cradle cap. The flaking skin can make you think something more serious is happening, but generally it is just overactive glands or the presence of a certain type of yeast. In order to treat it and get your baby’s scalp looking happy and healthy try gently brushing out any loose flakes and try moisturizing your baby’s scalp with coconut oil daily until you see improvement.

Warm Lemon Water

For a parent it can be scary when your child has a fever. High fevers or fevers that last a long time are something for concern but mild fevers usually are nothing to worry about. To help relieve your baby’s symptoms try giving them a gentle sponge bath using warm water with a hint of fresh lemon juice in it. This will feel good to your baby as the water and lemon will have a cooling effect to help reduce the fever. Make sure you don’t use water that is too cold. 

Make sure that you pay close attention to your child and take them to see a pediatrician if they are experiencing any serious or long lasting symptoms as these could be signs of a more serious problem that needs medical attention.

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