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There are countless numbers of flashing, light-up, and talking toys out there for your baby. These are all made of plastics that contain chemicals and can have small parts that can be dangerous for your little one. There is nothing quite like the intense sudden fear as you see your child put something small and unsafe into their mouth, especially when it was some part of a toy that was supposed to be safe!

It can be hard enough trying to keep up with your little adventurer on a normal day. As a parent you shouldn’t have to worry about the toys that your child is playing with. For this reason, high quality wooden toys are making a comeback.

Why are wooden toys better? Wooden toys that are made to be of a high quality (handmade are generally the best) can be some of the best toys that your child ever plays with. Not only are they made without the chemicals that come in plastic toys, they help your child learn to have an imagination. This strengthens their ability to be creative and self-entertain.

Make sure that when you are choosing wooden toys for your child that you buy ones that are completely unfinished or that are painted with non-toxic, child-safe paints or finishes. Paints that are water-based, milk-based, or even finished with beeswax finishes are generally safe for children. Pay close attention to what you are buying for your child, you don’t want to get something made with dangerous chemicals for your baby on accident.

Wooden toys are age-old and continue to be some of the best purchases you can make for your child’s entertainment. Many people think that babies and young children need endless amounts of toys that sing, flash lights, or otherwise make noise. This is simply not true and only serves to clutter up your house and make your living room a minefield. Babies and young children do not need hundreds of toys to learn and grow. Having a few fun and creative toys inspire children to learn and play pretend.

Wooden toys have the added benefit of being extremely durable. They are not the toys that end up being given away or put in the throw out pile. Many plastic toys end up getting thrown away after short time because they get ruined or dirty, but wooden toys are tough and can even be played with from sibling to sibling.

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