Homemade Baby Puree Starter Tips

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Maybe you’re avoiding added ingredients in store bought baby food. Maybe you’re trying to cut back on single-use plastics. Or maybe you’re just trying to serve your kid healthy meals that won’t break the bank! 

All great reasons for making your own baby food …

But … where to start?

Keep reading for some of our favorite tips & tricks to get you started! 

silicone suction bowl for baby with baby food puree tips and tricks

1. Puree Ingredients Individually - Puree individual ingredients and freeze them for later (Silicone freezer trays like this one make it super easy — no more using a knife to pry baby food out of plastic ice cube trays!)

Freezing some of your purees individually makes it easy to mix and match ingredients to make a wide variety of puree combinations (no more wasting an entire batch of food if your little isn’t into a certain combo!) 

This also lets you to adjust what goes into each meal — add more fat, protein, or carbs whenever you like!  

Plus, your little is more likely to “eat the rainbow” because mixing and matching makes it easy to spread different ingredients out over time.

And they’ll become familiar with a wider variety of flavors and textures early on (which makes them less likely to be a picky eater when they get older!) 

It’s super quick and easy to mix your base puree with other ingredients — check out the example below!



Base Puree = Banana

Banana Puree + Yogurt 

Banana Puree + Oatmeal

Banana Puree + Milk

Banana Puree + Apple Puree + Spinach Puree


2. Consider Reusable On-the-Go Pouches - On-the-go pouches have been trendy for the past few years. But did you know some store bought pouches contain fillers to bulk up their baby food? (Yes, that means you’re paying extra for water and cheaper ingredients!)

Plus, single-use plastic isn’t great for the environment …

Check out reusable food pouches like this set if you want to give your wallet and the environment a break.

Fill them with whatever puree you want, then throw them in the freezer for an on-the-go snack or meal whenever you need one!


3. Batch Prep Make Ahead Meals With Glass Storage Jars  - Batch prep multiple meals at once and store in the freezer for later. Who has time to make a new meal every night? Grab a set of glass jars like these if you agree that life is just too short to spend every night in the kitchen!


4. Encourage Independent Eating With Suction Dishware - Babies often learn to self-feed right around the time they learn to throw (funny how that works out …) If you have a bowl-thrower on your hands, a set of silicone suction dishware can be a lifesaver! 

Grab a set of suction plates and bowls for mess-free mealtimes and to encourage self-feeding (Plus, it’s easier for your kiddo to scoop up food when their dish isn’t sliding around everywhere!)

Let us know below if you plan to try any of these tips!



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