Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids - Delicious Ideas Kids Will Love!

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With summer around the corner, it’s time to get ready with some delicious and healthy snacks for kids. We've put together a full list of mouthwatering ideas – juicy fruits, fresh veggies, refreshing frozen treats, savory snacks, sweet bites & nutritious nibbles. Forget the boring snacks of old. These yummy treats will keep their energy levels soaring all summer long!

Short Summary
  • Make snack time extra special with fresh fruit, crisp veggies, & sweet treats
  • Cool off with homemade ice pops and beat the heat with watermelon slushies
  • Get creative & fuel their day with DIY granola bars, no bake protein bites & more

Fruity Delights

These yummy and healthy fruit snacks are the perfect way to enjoy fresh fruit with your kids. From rainbow fruit cups, stuffed strawberries, and even fruit skewers, there’s something here for everyone. Try these easy recipes to satisfy those sweet cravings while being nutritious at the same time. 

Fruit Skewers

These fruit kabobs are sure to be a hit with the kids! All you need for these creative treats are melon, grapes, berries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and some juicy slices of kiwi or any of your child’s favorite fruit (make sure to slice them appropriately for your child’s age) – then skewer away! Serve them with either lemon yogurt dip or dark chocolate drizzle – whichever your little prefers. Not only will it make their tastebuds tingle, it also provides essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! 

Stuffed Strawberries

These delicious strawberries are a great way to encourage children to eat more fruit. Create these stuffed strawberries using cream cheese, sugar-free cheesecake filling or classic cheesecake stuffing if your family really wants to indulge.

Rainbow Fruit Cups

Let your creative side out when you whip up delightful rainbow fruit cups with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, and kiwis. Layer the chosen produce in clear plastic cups to craft a stunning visual treat!

Remember though - opt for 100% juice or water-packed options instead of sugary canned fruit if you want an edible masterpiece you won't regret later.

Veggie Creations

It's summer and the perfect time to introduce kids to healthy snacks. With unique options like cucumber sandwiches, colorful bell pepper bites or even veggie sailboats, you’ll have your child hooked on veggies in no time!

Veggie Sailboats

Grab your pirate flag! These veggie sailboats are prepared by slicing bell peppers into boats and filling them up with scrumptious healthy snacks – this snack provides great flavor as well as vitamins and minerals. Not only are these bite-sized delights fun, they're also an excellent way to get your little some much needed vitamins!

Cucumber Sandwiches

For a whimsical starter or an easy afternoon snack, why not make some cucumber sandwiches? Start by taking out your favorite type of bread as well as cream cheese and thinly slicing up the cucumbers. Simply layer all three ingredients together to create these delightful treats!

Colorful Bell Pepper Bites

Craving a nutritious and delicious snack? Look no further. Cut up bell peppers, then top them with whatever toppings take your fancy (like cheese or hummus!)

Cool and Refreshing Frozen Treats

Get ready with those sunglasses and sunscreen and start prepping up those ice pop molds because it's time to dive into some frosty delights! As the summer months approach, you’ll have plenty of choices to satisfy your cravings for chilled snacks. With fruity ice pops, creamy yogurt-based smoothies, and a variety of berry sorbets available all season long, you won't be disappointed!

Fruity Ice Pops

Why not cool off with some homemade ice pops? Mix and match different fresh fruits for an indulgent treat without the guilt. All you need is your favorite fruits and voila! The endless possibilities will leave you feeling like the coolest parent on block this season.

Yogurt-Based Smoothies

Let out your monster self with the green monster smoothie! Using spinach or kale, almond milk or another non-dairy substitute, natural peanut butter, your yogurt of choice, and frozen or fresh banana, you'll help boost calcium, iron and fiber while you’re at it. 

Berry Sorbet

Just four easy ingredients are all you need to create this cool and refreshing treat. All it takes is some frozen berries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, raw honey or pure maple syrup, and warm water for the perfect blend of flavor. Give your taste buds something special and beat the heat with a bowl of this sweet berry sorbet!

Savory Snacks

When something sweet isn't enough, it's time to turn towards savory snacks! We've got plenty of healthy and tasty options - from pita chips made with whole grains, mini quiches and even baked zucchini fries. Forego your typical bag of crisps and spice up snack-time! After all, you don’t have to sacrifice taste when you’re opting for healthier alternatives!

Whole-Grain Pita Chips

Satisfyingly crunchy and salty, you can create your own whole-grain pita chips at home. Begin by cutting wheat pitas into slices, then generously sprinkle with olive oil along with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder for an extra kick of flavor. Pop them in the oven to get a golden brown finish that's hard to resist! 

Alternatively, if you're looking for something quicker than baking from scratch, store bought whole grain options work just as well. Be sure to have your favorite dipping sauce handy!

Mini Quiches

Don't let the larger quiches have all the fun! These miniature quiches are made with a mixture of eggs, milk and flavoring then poured into muffin tins before being baked until it's golden brown. Fill with ingredients such as veggies, cheese or protein for an unforgettable experience your taste buds won't forget.

Baked Zucchini Fries

Introducing a new kind of snack, delicious and nutritious baked zucchini fries! To make these fries, combine Panko breadcrumbs with Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning. Coat thinly sliced zucchini fries in your mixture and bake until crispy.

Sweet and Nutritious Bites

If you're looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, these recipes are the perfect option. From oatmeal energy balls and apple donuts to chia seed pudding – each of these delicious treats provides healthy nutrients.

Oatmeal Energy Balls

These easy-to-make oatmeal energy balls will power you up throughout your day! All it takes is peanut butter, oats, and add-ins like chocolate chips, raisins or nuts to make this snack. These tasty morsels are ideal for an on-the-go pick me up, no matter what time of day it is. Incorporate ingredients such as cocoa powder or dark chocolate chips if desired. 

Apple Donuts

Prepare these delightful apple donuts using apples, flour (whole wheat if you want to up the nutrition factor even more) sugar or natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup and spices. Whether they're fried or baked in an oven, these delicious morsels will hit the spot.

Chia Seed Pudding

Check out this creamy chia seed pudding chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants, and fiber (plus flavored with honey). The best part is that assembling your own recipe takes little to no effort at all. Feel free to top off your bowl with any fruits or nuts that tickle your fancy.

Creative Dips and Spreads

There are a variety of delicious recipes that will make your snacking time an enjoyable experience. From Avocado Hummus to Fruit Yogurt Dip and Sunflower Seed Butter, you can spice up these treats with various fruits and veggies or crunchy crackers.

Avocado Hummus

Combine the classic flavors of guacamole and hummus with avocado hummus! Made with mashed chickpeas, creamy avocado, tahini sauce, olive oil, garlic cloves and a hint of lime juice. Not only is it incredibly delicious, but also gluten-free and full of dietary fiber and folate.

Yogurt Fruit Dip

Looking for a nutritious snack to get your kids eating more fruit? Yogurt dip is the perfect solution! This delicious treat, made with Greek yogurt and honey or vanilla extract, will have them savoring every bite. Plus it's easy enough for even novice cooks to whip up in no time.

For those of you feeling brave and adventurous: try making this same dip using Icelandic style yogurt combined with orange juice instead of honey/maple syrup - trust us. Your taste buds won't regret it!

Sunflower Seed Butter

The newest spread on the block is sunflower seed butter! Packed with nutrients like protein, healthy fats, magnesium and vitamin E – a perfect substitute to nut butters if your little has nut allergy. Spread it on toast, mix it into smoothies or even use it as a dip with fruits and veggies. 

Fun and Tasty Drinks

These recipes are sure to keep your children entertained and hydrated all season. With watermelon slushies, green monster smoothies, and infused waters, there's something for everyone.

Watermelon Slushies

When the weather is warm during summer, give yourself and your kids a delightful watermelon slushy! This delectable beverage is low in calories but packed with nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and potassium. Blending cubes of seedless watermelon along with ice and lime juice gives you a refreshment that all will enjoy. 

Green Monster Smoothies

Make a smoothie that's both nutritious and delicious with this green monster recipe! Perfect as an afternoon snack during the summer, it’s packed full of calcium, iron, and fiber thanks to ingredients like spinach or kale combined with almond milk (or another dairy-free alternative), banana (fresh or frozen! ), natural peanut butter, and yogurt. Whip up your own batch today for a tasty treat that'll help unleash the inner monster within you! 

Fruity Infused Water

Make staying hydrated enjoyable with fruit-infused water! Gather your favorite fruits and herbs, put them in a pitcher of cold water, and let the mixture steep for an hour or longer. Gather some ice along with those fruits & herb choices – then sit back and enjoy your refreshingly flavorful drink all season long!

DIY Snack Bars and Bites

Making your own snack bars and bites is a great way to fill up while providing nutrition for your body. Recipes such as DIY granola bars or protein bites can be prepared with little time.

Homemade Granola Bars

Put on your apron and make some delicious homemade granola bars! With ingredients such as oats, nuts, coconut oil and honey (plus the addition of chocolate chips for extra yumminess), these bars are not only incredibly tasty but also full of nutrients. Plus they're really simple to prepare which makes them great when you need something quick while out and about.

No-Bake Protein Bites

Craving a snack that is packed with protein but doesn't require you to turn on the oven? No-bake energy bites are perfect for those moments! You just need some staple ingredients such as almond butter, oats, flaxseed, coconut and chocolate chips, plus they can be adjusted according to your own preferences. All it takes is mixing up peanut butter and other add-ins of choice to create tasty little morsels with a hint of chocolaty goodness. 


This summer, have your kids enjoy healthy and delicious snacks with these 50 amazing snack recipes. From fun frozen treats to creative dips and spreads, fresh veggies to sweet bites, cool drinks to nutritious snacks bars - there's something for everyone!

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