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Being a mom is both joyous and exhausting. Motherhood is a blessing. Sure, you have to attend to your baby’s cries, breastfeed, lull them to sleep, and make sure they are always clean and dry. But no other experience is as memorable and fulfilling. Seeing the peaceful face of your sleeping infant is one of the greatest rewards for a mother. Getting a sweet smile and giggle from your little one can take all the stress away. It would be awesome if you could bond better together without compromising your need to move around in the house or outdoors. That’s what our baby wrap carrier is for. Discover the benefits of baby-wearing with the WeeSprout Baby Wrap Carrier! We offer practical solutions to modern moms. Our baby wrap carrier is made of a flexible fabric that helps you carry your precious bundle closely even without holding them. So, you can use both hands for the tasks and chores you need to accomplish while your cute honey snoozes snugly against your body. This sling is made of an eco-friendly LenzingTM Modal material, which is an alternative to cotton. No chemicals were used in the process of finishing, printing and dyeing the fabric. It is safe, non-toxic and odorless. Perfect for your infant’s sensitive skin. Designed to wrap around both you and your baby, our carrier feels really soft but delivers sufficient support to hold the little one in place. Its breathable cloth keeps your infant cool and sweat-free even in warm weather. Want to know more about our baby wrap carrier? 👶 Available in different designs, you can choose the color or pattern that best suits your style 👶 No formaldehyde was used to finish the fabric 👶 Machine-washable, and the cloth won’t discolor, fade or shrink The WeeSprout Baby Wrap Carrier is designed for your comfort and your baby’s safety. Add it to your cart TODAY!

  • PERFECT AMOUNT OF STRETCH - Our baby wrap carrier is made of a stretchy fabric that’s also extremely sturdy. This ensures a perfect fit and minimizes strain on your shoulders, back, and hips from wearing your baby. WeeSprout Baby Wrap Carrier’s perfect elasticity also keeps your baby safely snuggled in the wrap so you won’t have to constantly readjust it.
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE - WeeSprout Baby Wraps are made of 100% Lenzing Modal Fabric which is naturally lightweight and more breathable than ordinary fabric. It's also exquisitely soft on the skin, so you and your baby will be cool and comfortable!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - WeeSprout's one-size-fits-all design fits every size and shape. It'll fit the first time, every time - guaranteed! Plus, our baby wrap carrier is simple to tie and wrap. WeeSprout’s baby wraps are easy to use!
  • STRONGER BABY BONDING - Wrap babies are in tune with the rhythm of your breathing and the sound of your heartbeat. This makes your baby feel extra safe and relaxed, which in turn creates a stronger bond between you and your baby. Babywearing also gives you hands-free time and the freedom of mobility to help you balance your busy lifestyle.
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You’ll love WeeSprout Baby Wraps, guaranteed or your money back. They’re the ideal baby wrap carriers for safety, style, comfort, and enhancing your bond with your baby. So go ahead, Click Add to Cart Now.

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