The Ultimate Guide to Baby Led Weaning During the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, delicious food. But for parents practicing Baby-Led Weaning, the holiday experience can be both exciting and challenging. We talk a lot about what to feed your baby and what to serve their meals on. But what about how to prep it without spending all night in the kitchen? And what do you do when your aunt Marge wants to feed your little one something that could be a choking hazard or overwhelm your little one? With the holidays right around the corner, baby led weaning can become a family affair – and not always in a good way.

Keep reading for valuable tools, tips, and tricks that will save you time (and a little sanity) during the cooking and prep process as your little one transitions from baby food to big kid foods, all while ensuring your baby's safety at holiday gatherings.

Tools of the Trade for Baby Led Feeding:

Baby Food Steamer: A baby food steamer is a time-saving tool that can steam a variety of baby-friendly foods quickly – perfect for softening fruits and vegetables to the right texture for your little one!

Food Processor or Blender: These kitchen essentials will help you puree or mash foods to a manageable consistency for your baby if they're still working towards solid foods.

Silicone Ice Cube Trays: Freeze homemade baby food in small portions using these trays. It's a handy way to have a variety of options readily available.

Baby Food Scissors: Designed for BLW, these scissors make it easy to cut your baby's food into safe, bite-sized pieces. Finger foods are easy for little hands still practicing their fine motor skills.

Baby-Friendly Utensils: As your child starts showing interest in utensils, invest in baby-safe options that are easy to grip and handle.


Time-Saving Tips for Baby Led Weaning:

Batch Cooking: Prepare large batches of baby-friendly foods and freeze them in portions. This ensures you always have something safe and nutritious on hand.

Use a Food Steamer: Steaming vegetables and fruits is quicker and healthier than boiling. Plus, it retains more nutrients.

Family Meal Planning: Plan your baby's meals to coincide with family meals. This way, you can adapt a portion of the adult meal for your little one.

Prep in Advance: Chop, steam, and puree in advance, then store the prepped food in airtight containers for easy access. That way you always have easy, healthy food on hand.

Safety and Sanitation:

Cleanliness First: Ensure all utensils, containers, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before preparing baby's food.

Check Food Temperatures: Always check the temperature of your baby's food to avoid any risks of burning or discomfort.

Inspect for Allergens: Be mindful of potential allergens in your baby led weaning foods. Consult with your pediatrician if you're uncertain about introducing certain foods to your baby.

Supervision: Always supervise your baby while they explore new foods during BLW. This will avoid a choking risk as your little explores eating solids on their own.


Hacks for Holiday Cooking:

Festive Silicone Molds: Make baby-friendly holiday-themed treats by using silicone molds. It adds a fun and festive way to introduce solids.

Healthy Swaps: Experiment with healthy ingredient swaps in holiday recipes. For example, use sweet potatoes instead of regular mashed potatoes.

Dress it Up: Add small, baby-safe garnishes like a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of nutmeg to make holiday meals exciting.

Potluck Contributions: When attending holiday gatherings, bring a baby-friendly dish so you have a safe option for your child to enjoy.


Setting Boundaries:

Communicate Your Approach: Share your baby-led weaning journey with family and friends so they understand your baby's specific dietary needs and restrictions.

Empower Grandparents: Explain the importance of consistency in following baby led weaning principles to grandparents. Offer them guidance and resources to help them support your baby's feeding journey.


Managing Family Gatherings:

Safe Feeding Zone: Designate a safe feeding area for your baby where they can explore food without interference.

Bring Baby's Food: To ensure your baby has appropriate options, pack a selection of baby-friendly foods like mashed potatoes, green beans, and healthy finger foods when attending family gatherings.


Handling Unwanted Advice:

Polite Refusals: When well-meaning relatives offer unsuitable foods to your baby, politely decline and reiterate your baby led weaning approach and the importance of safety.

Educate and Share Resources: Share informative articles or videos about baby led weaning with relatives who may not be familiar with the concept.


Introducing New Flavors:

Diversify the Menu: Take advantage of holiday feasts to introduce your baby to a variety of flavors and textures.

Mashed and Soft Options: Provide mashed or soft versions of holiday dishes for your baby to explore as they work their way up to solid food.


Safety First:

Choking Hazards: Be vigilant about choking hazards and keep an eye on your baby while they eat. Familiarize yourself with the difference between gagging and choking. Always make sure they are seated appropriately in their high chair. With the hustle and bustle of holiday get togethers, it can be easy to forget these important details.

Allergic Reactions: With well-meaning family members excited about introducing solids to your baby, it can be easy for new foods to make it to your baby's plate without you realizing it. Keep a close eye on your baby while they eat to avoid any accidents. You can even let others know safe foods that your little can partake in.

CPR Knowledge: Ensure that you and other caregivers are well-versed in infant CPR, just in case.


Enjoying the Moment:

Capture the Memories: Take pictures and document your baby's first holiday season with BLW. These memories are precious!

Stay Relaxed: Remember that the holidays are about joy and togetherness. Keep the atmosphere stress-free.



Baby-Led Weaning during the holidays can be a wonderful experience. By setting boundaries, managing family gatherings, and handling unwanted advice with grace, you can make the holiday season enjoyable and safe for your little one. This Thanksgiving, savor the moments and savor the flavors with your baby.

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