Should I Exercise During My Pregnancy?

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For a long time it was thought that women should not participate in physical activity while pregnant. These days it has been proven that it can be beneficial to both mom and baby for a woman to be physically active throughout her pregnancy. It is important to make sure that you are feeling well enough and that there are no complications with your pregnancy before beginning to exercise. Exercise could exacerbate some issues in a pregnancy so it is vital that before starting to exercise you discuss with your doctor any concerns he or she may have with different types of physical activity that you may be doing.

Keeping muscles toned is hugely beneficial to avoid added strain on a woman’s body from carrying a growing baby. It can be very important to keep abdominal muscles tight and do some core strengthening exercises during pregnancy as it can help labor go smoother and can even promote a faster and fuller recovery after labor. It is important to know what exercises, particularly abdominal and core exercises, are ok to do at different points throughout a pregnancy. For example it is recommended to not do any abdominal work from on your back after the first trimester. Some simple, standing core exercises can be sufficient to keeping your muscles tight and ready for labor. Talk to your doctor about any questions you have before starting any exercise programs.

Many women that were runners before their pregnancy wonder if they can continue running into their pregnancy and throughout it. The general rule is that you can continue running as long as you are feeling up to it and there are no issues with your pregnancy. Keeping yourself healthy is a great way to help keep your growing baby healthy and developing on schedule. This includes your nutrition as well as your exercise habits.

One thing to be aware of is that your body actually can become more flexible during a pregnancy than normal because of some of the hormones that are released lubricate your joints. This can be a concern because overstretching or overreaching can lead to more active injuries, just because you feel like you can stretch and reach farther doesn’t mean that you should push your body that far.

Overall, it is important to stay healthy yourself in order to have a healthy pregnancy. You can find exercises specifically designed for use during pregnancies to help keep you feeling your best. Any questions or concerns that you have should be directed to your doctor and well discussed.

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