Remembering To Love Your Other Half

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Your whole world changes when you bring home your first little bundle of joy. Who knew you could be so exhausted and still be happy? So many things change when you welcome a new member of the family into your home. This includes your relationship with your spouse. Before, it was just you and him or her, now there is a little one taking up much of your spouse’s time and energy. It can be a hard adjustment at first but it will eventually get worked out.

It is important to recognize your own needs and practice self-care after having a baby, but you also have to think about your spouse’s needs. It is easy to feel forgotten when your spouse becomes engrossed in something or someone else, even if it is your own child. This is a small reminder of how important it is to make time and show love to your other half.

Even while you are learning to divide up your time in a completely different way, it is so important to section off some time for the two of you. Keep that romance alive! Make a little extra effort to get baby to sleep a little early and then get in some pillow talk with your significant other before getting your much needed z’s.

Try making them their favorite dinner or sending them flowers at home or work. An extra hug and a kiss before one of you heads out the door is another great way to remind them that you love them. When you are ready to leave baby with a trusted sitter, go out for a nice dinner or a movie you both want to see. Take the time to enjoy spending time together like you used to.

Devoting time to keeping your relationship happy and healthy after baby arrives is so important! Not only to keep the two of you feeling close and happy, but baby can tell when mom and dad are stressed. Parenthood is hard enough, don’t make it harder by forgetting to make the love of your life remember how much you care for them!

What are some of your favorite ways to remind your spouse that you love them? How do you manage time with kids and squeezing in time for the hubby or the wife? Putting a date night on the calendar and having it planned in advance every week, or month if that’s what works for you, is a great way to make sure that you get that time together!

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