Making Rainy Days Fun

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I don’t know about you, but where we live, the rain has not let up in days!  I joked to my husband, asking him if there might be some ark around that we don’t know about!  It seems like the rain has been endless! Maybe I would appreciate the rain if I was snuggled up on the couch with chinese takeout and a whole season of “The Crown” to catch up on.  But unfortunately, my two toddlers probably wouldn’t let that happen for more than, oh, two minutes. So what do you do when you’re stuck inside with the kids? I’ve come up with some fun activities to keep everyone happy and entertained until the sun shines again!

  • Watercolor Painting - Tape some plastic bags to your kitchen table, bring out the watercolors, brushes, and thick cardstock, and get to painting!  Although it can be a little messy, washable watercolors are just that! Washable! Kids love being creative and you never know what cool, abstract art could come out of this rainy day activity!  We love to purchase affordable frames to display masterpieces from our mini Picassos.

  • Play Dough Fun - The creativity, imagination, and possibilities are endless with play dough, and my kids usually get a couple hours out of this activity. Grab some plastic utensils and cookie cutters, and let them go to town.  Regarding the mess, I know you’re probably cringing! But a wise reader recommended putting cookie trays down on the table and reminding the kiddos to keep the playdough on the tray! It makes clean up a whole lot easier!

  • Fort Making - An old-fashioned favorite for generations!  We love to bring out our fitted sheets (they fit over chairs and tables much better!), pile up the pillows, turn out all the lights, and bring out our flashlights!  When each kid builds their own fort, this fun can honestly last for hours! Building and rebuilding, remodeling, and constructing, and sometimes turning into a playful pillow fight.  

  • Bubble Bath - Baths don’t just have to be just for cleaning the dirt and the crumbs off of your little ones!  We love to fill up our giant master bath tub with our favorite bubble bath, throw in some fun toys, bath crayons, and maybe even a mask and snorkel!  When pajamas and bedtime aren’t right around the corner, it’s amazing how much fun and entertainment bath time can hold for all ages.

  • Scavenger Hunt - This is so easy to do, and can even be a very practical form of entertainment if you’re actually looking for something!  Make a list of random objects and items around the house, along with clues or riddles, and have the kids search for them! It’s a race to the finish, and the winner gets a prize!

  • Read-a-thon - Snuggle up on the couch, or your favorite chair, and have the kids pick out five (or ten!) of their absolute favorite books!  You can even pick out a couple of your choices too! Take the time to really get into character, use silly voices, pull out some props, and see how many books you can get through!

  • Birthday Card Making - Bring out the construction paper, markers, stickers and scissors for some birthday card fun!  Look at your calendar for which family members have upcoming birthdays, and have your kids create unique cards packed full of love and birthday wishes for them.  Who wouldn’t love a homemade card made by their adorable niece, nephew, or grandchild? Include a picture of the card “designer” to go inside the envelope, or have your mini artist draw a self-portrait!

  • Baking - Whether it’s good old chocolate chip cookies, making letters and shapes with pancake batter, or prepping batches of muffins to put in the freezer for the week ahead, baking is a fun and efficient way to spend your rainy day!  If you end up with extra, ask the kids to pick two neighbors for a surprise delivery of your homemade goodies!

Hope this gave you a little inspiration to turn your drab and dreary day into a fun and exciting adventure!  

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