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If you're reading this, you're probably propping your phone or tablet up on your growing belly right now, or maybe you've got a little one in your arms already! Either way, congratulations! And because both of those scenarios are exhausting in their own ways, we are going to keep this post simple and to the point.



I've got 2 diaper bags – err babies – under my belt now, so although I'm no expert, I have come up with a list of some favorite essentials that helped us prepare for our outings with baby.



1 - Diaper Bag! There are a million diaper bags on the market today, so choosing one can be overwhelming! Look for lots of pockets, a couple options to carry the bag and a print that can be neutral enough to go with everything.  



2 - An extra outfit is a must. Spit-ups, spills, blow-outs, etc. will happen, and you'll have to be prepared. A soft one-piece takes up less room, and can double as pajamas if needed.



Also, these gauzy swaddle blankets are the best for wrapping up baby, covering from sun or wind, using as a nursing cover, pumping cover, floor mat… you name it!



3 - Mittens are essential for newborns to protect them from scratching their faces. You can find these anywhere, usually in sets of multiples.



4 - A soft knit hat is a great item to have year-round to protect their sensitive heads from weather and even sound.



5 - These reusable pouches are the best for so many different stages of feeding. They are easy to fill, easy to clean, and our kids absolutely love them! Our diaper bags were filled with these at all times.



6 - Don't forget a snack for Mom (or Dad)! The diaper bag will probably replace your purse, so designate a small pocket or section for your essentials. A protein bar is always a great on-the-go option.



7 - Another "Mommy" item is an insulated water bottle – nursing or not, you need to stay hydrated to feel your best.



8 - My babies loved to chew on/play with my jewelry! I love the stylish teething bracelets or necklaces, made from BPA-free, and FDA approved silicone, for a safer option for soothing sore gums.



9 - Any kind of on-the-go sound machine can be a life-saver! We loved the plush ones for car trips, noisy stores/restaurants, and for out and about to soothe our babies.



10 – Stackable cups are a great idea for holding snacks and/or formula. Look for a sleek and compact option since you’ll be packing several things in the bag.



11 - A cute board book is a staple for entertaining while out and about!



12 - Make sure to pack at least two sippy cups for your adventure out. Keeping babies fed and hydrated is essential to keeping your outing as pleasant as possible.



13 - Oh Sophie. This popular teething toy is a favorite for it's shape, soft material, and subtle squeak - another great form of entertainment and/or teething remedy.



14 – Nail clippers or a trimmer. There’s some great products that trims babies' nails with an electric rotating pad on the end. But you can certainly opt for the standard baby clippers. Either way, you’ll be glad to have something to trim those sharp nails while on-the-go!



15 - On-the-go hand sanitizer. Yes. For so many reasons.



16 - Aquaphor is essentially liquid gold in baby-product-land. It soothes dry, chapped, and sensitive skin and is great for diaper rashes too! We love the stuff. But if you have another go-to diaper cream, make sure to have an extra stash in the diaper bag.



17 – Boogie wipes. Quick, effective, and super soft and moist for delicate faces. And removes boogies like a charm!



18 – A large stash of your favorite baby wipes. Believe me, you’ll use them for so much more than your wee one’s bottom!



19 – And the most obvious for last… diapers! Make sure you have plenty, and you may even want to stick a few extras in your car console for emergencies.



What are your diaper bag must-haves?



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