Using Coconut Oil For Your Baby Care Needs

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You may have noticed the explosion of popularity that coconut oil experienced and how it seemed to be everywhere and used for everything. While it may seem to be a magical substance with unlimited uses, we are here to discuss some of its uses in relation to your baby.

Coconut oil is a particularly exciting for parents who are looking to minimize the use of unnecessary chemicals on or for their babies. There are about five different types of coconut oil that are available for purchase today. Look for types that do not use chemicals in the extraction or refining process to reduce what your baby is exposed to.

Natural, high-quality coconut oil that contains no fragrances or chemicals that might be harsh on a baby’s skin is a wonderful choice as a moisturizer for your baby. Newborns do not tend to need moisturizers but as they get a little older you may notice dry patches on their skin, particularly their lips. Simply rub a little coconut oil on the dry patches or on their lips a few times a day to keep their skin moisturized and healthy!

Baby acne can be concerning to some new parents. Use coconut oil to treat the bumps and get them feeling better and minimize the red pimples. Coconut oil can also help get rid of cradle cap which can be a blessed relief for parents as well as their baby! Gently wash your baby’s head and rub coconut oil through the hair and around the worst areas. Very softly comb out the flakes. Continue to keep the scalp moisturized with coconut oil to help it clear up effectively.

Coconut oil can also be used as a salve for bug bites, sun burns and other minor burns. Rubbing a small amount on bug bites or stings can reduce the inflammation and even stop the burning and itching. This can be important for little kids who will continue to itch and scratch until the area is bleeding and more susceptible to infection.

To soothe sun burns simply apply a thin layer on the affected areas and let the coconut oil do its magic. It will moisturize the skin and can lessen the burning.

Coconut allergies are not common but it is important to be aware of any signs of irritation with its use, particularly when you are going to be applying it to your baby. If you have any questions or concerns talk to your baby’s doctor before using coconut oil for any purpose regarding your baby.

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