4 UNIQUE Indoor 4th of July Activities for Kids

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Pool parties and BBQs are great, but sometimes you need a break from the summer heat. Get crafty with these four unique INDOOR 4th of July activities!

1. 4th of July Rag Flag -

Make a Rag Flag craft and decorate for 4th of July! Let your kid make their own flag, or have the whole family make a larger one together.

2. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt - 

Put the screens away and get the kids moving with this fun patriotic scavenger hunt! This game works just as well inside as it does outside. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about the 4th of July! Hide small patriotic items (A coin with Thomas Jefferson’s head, a small American flag, a toy eagle, something red, the number 4 etc.) around the house and have the kids find each object. Or, use a cute Printable like this one for inspiration and have the kids check each item off the list. Whoever finds the most objects wins!

3. Red, White, & Blue Tie Dye Shirts -

Make red, white, and blue tie dye shirts like this one, or create your own red, white, and blue patterns. Your weesprout will get a kick out of wearing their creations to your 4th of July parties!

4. Independence Day Slime -

What kid doesn’t love slime? Why not make your own with a 4th of July twist? Plus, it’s great sensory play for little learners! Check out this fun red, white, and blue slime from SimpleEveryDayMom.

Leave a comment and let us know if you tried any of these fun activities -- and check out our other seasonal kid activities!

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