Reusable Squeeze Pouches FAQ • Soft Silicone Bibs


Q. What types of food should I use to fill my Nature’s Little Squeeze?

A. Fill with fruit, grain, & veggie purees, homemade baby food, applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, or anything else with a squishy consistency.  The spout is optimally designed for foods with a thick, smooth texture, and not for watery liquids like juice.

Q. How should I fill my Nature’s Little Squeeze?

A. Open the zipper at the bottom of the pouch.  Make sure the cap is secure.  Pour or spoon-in your favorite squishy food.  Some customers prefer to use a funnel, but we have found that it's just as easy to pour or spoon in the food.  Tapping the lid on the counter may help to move the contents toward the cap, as you are filling the pouch. Everyone holds the pouch a bit differently, so a fill line would not be accurate; however, you may want to find a “fill marker" that works best for you… for example: the top of the grass. Initially, try filling the pouch about 3/4 full.  This will help to avoid an overflow when sealing the zipper.  TO PREVENT LEAKS, DO NOT OVERFILL.

Q. Are Nature’s Little Squeeze pouches safe?

A. Yes!  They are safe for your family and the environment. Nature’s Little Squeeze are BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free and Phthalate-free.  You can be sure that your natural food going into the pouch will come out without any added chemicals.  The pouch and it’s packaging are also recyclable, so they are also safe for the environment.

Q. Where can I use my Nature’s Little Squeeze?

A. Take the pouches with you to school, work, sporting events, cafes, the park; on car rides, play dates, camping trips...  They can go wherever you go. You will have less to carry and less mess to clean up, compared to using jars, bowls, cups, spoons, etc.

Q. Will my Nature’s Little Squeeze accidentally come open?

A. No.  We use the strongest double zipper closure available.  This means if the zipper is fully closed, it will not open by simply squeezing the pouch.  It will only open when you intentionally peel the zipper open.

Q. How should I clean my Nature’s Little Squeeze (are they dishwasher-safe)?

A. The pouches are top rack-dishwasher safe, or you may wash them by hand in warm, soapy water.  Since dishwasher performance varies, we recommend that you rinse the pouches first.  Washing with a baby bottle brush also works well.

Q. Do I need to clean my Nature’s Little Squeeze before first use?

A. We do recommend either running through the dishwasher or a warm, soapy wash before the first use.

Q. Why is the Nature’s Little Squeeze a rounded shaped with the spout on the top?

A. We found that this shape (similar to a water or baby bottle) was the most natural and convenient for kids of all ages.  The shape also allows for the easiest cleaning, when compared with side-spout pouches, as water can flow straight through from bottom to top.  The rounded edges also help to cut down on any food getting stuck in corners, like with rectangular-shaped pouches.

Q. Is the Nature’s Little Squeeze freezer safe?

A. Yes.  Preparing extra servings of blended food and storing them in the freezer will keep the food fresh longer and can be a great time saver.  You will have pouches ready to grab whenever you need them.  Thaw them out more quickly in a bowl of warm water.

Q. Is the Nature’s Little Squeeze microwave-safe?

A. When heating in the microwave, the contents often do not heat evenly.  Therefore, you will end up with hot spots in the food which can be dangerous for your child.  We recommend using a bowl of warm or hot water to thaw your frozen pouches.

Q. How will I know what is inside my pouches?

A. The continents on the back of the pouch are clear so you can see what is inside.  This is especially important after pre-filling multiple pouches.

Q. What if I loose a cap?

A. If you lose one of your white caps, we can send you a replacement.  However, you can also use a cap from a store-bought food pouch sold at your local grocery store.  We use a universal spout that works interchangeably with other pouches on the market.