Recognizing Responsibility to Our Planet

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Being a responsible parent goes farther than just the everyday safety, feeding, and play that you give your baby. Parents are responsible for the nurturing and helping their little ones grow up to be strong individuals with bright minds. It is important to teach them life lessons and skills to help them succeed in life, but one thing that is often neglected is teaching them about our responsibility to the planet.

Making eco-friendly choices and taking care of the planet is not just something that needs done for us, it is something that we can do to help make sure our kids have a bright and happy future. By establishing earth friendly habits now, we can pass on these great qualities to our kids as well. The best place to start when you want to change the world is in your own home.

Here are some reminders and tips to help you get started in making your home a healthy, happy, eco-friendly home.

Try Reusable Products and Options

Reducing waste is one of the biggest things we can do to help prevent pollution and help save the earth. Use reusable bags for shopping and store food in reusable containers.  Another simple way to add reusable items to your household is to opt for a refillable water bottle instead of buying and using disposable ones.

Another great way to promote re-usability of products is by donating the things you don’t want, including clothes, toys, and other products to second hand stores or community drives to help the less fortunate, to help get the maximum use out of products instead of just throwing them away.

Be a Family That Recycles

Many people argue that recycling is no good because of the expense it takes to recycle materials into something else. The question isn’t so much about the expense as it is about making the responsible choice. By recycling products and materials that have been used we continue to reduce the amount of garbage and trash that is put into landfills.

Reduce the Waste

Try to reduce the amount of waste your household produces in different ways. Make sure to recycle the things you can recycle, choose reusable options instead of disposable ones, and simple use what you have instead of buying more! Use only what you need instead of taking advantage of things that are available. This includes energy! Turn off lights that don’t need to be on. Unplug electronics that don’t need to be plugged in. Don’t run water while you are brushing your teeth, and try reducing your shower time by a few minutes to save gallons of water!

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