• THE PERFECT TODDLER PILLOW FOR THE PERFECT NIGHT’S REST - A good night’s rest is a must for healthy growth in children (and for parents with toddlers). The WeeSprout toddler pillow helps your child get to sleep and stay asleep at night and during nap time! Our pillow is designed to meet the specific needs of toddlers, unlike ordinary pillows made for adults. High quality design, healthy materials, and superior construction ensure that your toddler sleeps through the night!
  • THE IDEAL SIZE FOR GROWING CHILDREN - Our 13x18 inch pillow is the perfect size for bedtime, nap time, and travel! Unlike adults, toddlers need pillows designed for their small stature. The lower loft of the WeeSprout pillow provides head, neck, and spine support for healthy growth in growing toddlers while still being super soft and fluffy! Your child will sleep through the night and you’ll rest easy knowing that your child is taken care of.
  • FLUFFY POLYFIBER FILLING - The polyfiber blend in our toddler pillow provides your child with the perfect amount of fluffiness and support while they sleep! Unlike many pillows, our pillow never bunches up or goes flat. This means that your child’s pillow lasts longer and stays comfortable, use after use – it’s like sleeping on clouds! Plus, the hypoallergenic polyfiber filling resists things like dust and mites, unlike ordinary pillows with down and cotton filling.
  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON PILLOWCASE - Toddlers spend a lot of time sleeping - no one wants their child laying on harmful additives all night! The WeeSprout pillow comes with a machine washable Organic Cotton pillowcase. This means it’s extra soft, ultra-breathable, gentle on sensitive skin, and free from harmful materials! Not only is the pillowcase 100% organic, so is the pillow shell! Your child will rest comfortably and you’ll rest assured that both your child and their pillow stay protected!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by our products. We’re 100% confident that you and your child will love your WeeSprout toddler pillow. Use it at night, during nap time, or when traveling. Try our toddler pillow today!

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      We are a small family-owned company that started as a result of trying to find healthier ways of raising our own kids. We have five children under the age of eight and we were looking for a way to feed our growing family healthy food that was both convenient to serve and affordable.  Our kids really liked the squeeze pouches from our local grocery, but we were generating so much waste and we were always a bit uneasy about the quality of the ingredients used and their effects on our kids' health. So, we decided to try using our own pouches that were reusable. That way we could fill them with foods we knew were healthy for our own kids.

      We tried a number of different versions of our pouches... various shapes, sizes, spout placements, etc. Our own children were our initial test group for the pouches. As our friends saw how easy they were to use and how much our kids enjoyed them, they wanted some reusable food pouches for themselves. So, we extended our test group to our friends and family who were interested. The feedback we received was that our pouches were super helpful... making life easier for parents, while they were able to prepare healthier food for their children. At the same time, the pouches allowed for less waste generation. That sounded like a win-win-win to us!

      We started producing our pouches for a larger audience and as we have received more helpful feedback, we have continued to improve our design. That led to how we arrived at the current version of Nature's Little Squeeze reusable food pouches.

      It is so exciting to be able to offer our reusable food pouches to fellow parents/child caregivers. We think you are going to love them! However, don't just take our word for it... check out some of the comments from other parents below.

      Since we are a small family-owned company, we are able to connect with you personally about any issues you may have regarding the pouches. We are therefore also able to follow-up to make sure you are having the absolute best experience with our products and service.

      We welcome you to become part of the WeeSprout family!