Check Out WeeSprout Undivided Silicone Plate



  • ✅100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE - This set of 3 food grade silicone plates are the ideal size for toddlers. And BPA, PVC, phthalate & filler-free silicone means nothing leaches into your child’s food!
  • ✅ DOUBLE AS FOOD STORAGE WITH PREMIUM HARD PLASTIC LIDS - Premium hard plastic lids mean your plates double as food storage — perfect for anyone who has a kiddo who doesn’t finish all their food!
  • ✅ UNBREAKABLE & TODDLER TOUGH DESIGN - Unbreakable silicone makes these long lasting plates drop-proof, toss-proof, and 100% kid-proof. That means your little can practice eating like a big kid and you don’t have to worry about broken plates on the floor
  • ✅ RAISED EDGES CUT BACK ON THE MESS - Raised edges around these plates keep food on their plate and off the floor — perfect for new self feeders learning to scoop up food and parents who are tired of sweeping spaghetti up after dinner.
  • ✅ DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE - Toss your plates in the dishwasher for easy cleanup, throw them in the microwave for quick meal prep, or boil them for a deeper clean. These plates are designed for kids and convenience!

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