Baby Swaddle Blankets

WeeSprout swaddle blankets make it easy to wrap your baby up nice & snug without putting a bulky blanket in their crib — Your baby feels safe & secure and you both get a better sleep at night!

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

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  • Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle Blankets — Our swaddle blankets are crafted with ultra-breathable organic cotton and a muslin weave that gets softer with every wash! That means your baby stays comfortable as they drift off to sleep & you never have to worry about them overheating.

20% Larger Design = 100% Easier Swaddling

If you think all swaddle blankets are created equal, think again. WeeSprout swaddle blankets are 20% larger than ordinary swaddle blankets for extra easy swaddling. The fabric stays secure, so your baby stays wrapped up snug all night! And the larger size means your child can keep using their blanket as a stroller cover, picnic blanket, or play area as they get older.

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